Panther Virtual Academy

2021-2022 School Year

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Thank you to those parents who took the time to fill out the PVA survey to provide feedback on how we can better support our Panther Virtual Academy students. As we look forward to the next school year, we've responded by making some adjustments to the structure and design of PVA, to meet learning standards.

Online courses offer many benefits to students. These courses offer more flexibility than what can be found in a traditional classroom. Many students experience a great deal of success with online courses. But, online courses are not the best educational fit for every student. Understanding the expectations and commitment required to be successful in an online course is important for any student and family.

This quiz (make a copy for yourself) will help guide you determine if virtual learning the right choice.

2021-2022 School Year Changes to PVA

3rd - 6th Grade

  • 3-6: Live Zooms, Google Classroom for assignments, WLS resources (Raz Kids, Smarty Ants).

  • 3-6: Follow the same scope and sequence of the grade-levels who are attending in-person.

  • 3-6: Attendance will be taken via progress. Evidence of participation may include:

    Daily Logins, Interactions with the teacher, and Assignment progress/completion.

  • 3-6: 40-60% of a student’s learning will be taught during required live Zoom sessions.

Student Expectations:
  • Content will be delivered through live Zooms & teacher recordings. Access one main course in Google Classroom. All learning activities and assessments will be within or linked to that course.
  • Work with families to follow a daily routine and schedule, knowing that flexibility is available within each day.
  • Attend Zoom meetings, and review the recording, when needed.
  • Know the schedule of your small group Zoom meetings throughout each week. Make sure to log in and engage during your scheduled time (with a family member's help, as needed).
  • K-6 students will have weekly in-person workshop opportunities.

  • Students who are falling behind or need additional support may be required to attend face-to-face for workshop time.

7th- 12th Grade

  • 7-12 Core courses and instruction will be delivered through an online learning platform.

  • 7-12 Elective courses can be accessed through our online learning platform or face-to-face at the student's assigned building. 7th & 8th-grade elective course offerings are limited.

  • Students enrolled in CTC Programs, Band, Choir or Orchestra must attend those courses in person.

  • Limited honors or AP course offerings are available.

  • Find Whitmer's course offerings here
Student Expectations:
  • For full-time students, expect to be scheduled in 7 courses, with weekly pacing expectations.**All athletes need to be enrolled in 5 courses and maintain the minimum eligibility requirements.
  • Create a daily or weekly schedule to ensure regular engagement and consistent progress in all courses.
  • When scheduled, attend Zoom instructional opportunities.
  • Check email and messages daily. Read all feedback provided by teachers. Respond, as needed.
  • Be prepared to complete learning opportunities and activities online.
  • 7-12 students who are credit deficient or demonstrating a lack of progress may be required to attend face-to-face for lab time.

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