Urban Renewal

During WWII, most African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos living in the US lived in dirty cities, as they were considered the "minorities". But after the war, the government came up with the solution of urban renewal. They restored roads and neighborhoods all in the areas that these people were living to make their lives better and more suitable. The idea of a more equal lifestyle carried over to the way we're living today, effecting generations and generations of people. It's solutions like this that decreased the issue of segregation in history and we're still working to decrease it today.

Television Advertising

From 1950 through 1960, television advertising had increased drastically all throughout the United States. This happened because almost every household had bought a T.V. and it became their main entertainment. It had introduced a new way to advertise. Since many Americans watched T.V., advertisers wanted their product to be seen. As a result in 1950, the cost of advertisements was $170 million and sky rocketed up to nearly $2 billion in 1960. T.V. advertisements are the number one way to advertise today, with costs still increasing.