Awesome apps you can use


Imovie is where you can make your own movie with awesome affects and you can add writing. It is very awesome to use when you want to make a scary movie or any other movie trailer.

Book writer, Haiku deck

haiku deck is a great way to make presentations, telling a story, and even teaching a lesson. you can have many affects, fonts ect. There is so many things you can do with it. This is a great way to create beautifully designed slideshows. Now block writer is where you can make a book and add your own photos for the background and have you own font. You can also change the color of the writing. These are two great apps to use


I like garageband its just like making your own talk show without seeing you talking. You can choose your music, and recoerd your voice, you can also intermix it with the music just like a talk show. I think you will like this app it is very useful and fun to use. Oh ya and you can even choose the insturments and music you want or even record yourself playing the insturment on the ipad.