Rockin' Through the Rock Cycle

A Rock's Adventure (Transformation)

The Metamorphic Rock

There once was a Metamorphic Rock that was born under the earth's surface named Marble. Marble was very insecure about his looks. Marble didn't like the way his crystals looked even though some rocks would die to look like he did. So Marble decided he wanted to go on an adventure to change into a different rock than being a Metamorphic Rock. All of his friends had went through the transformation process to get their best look, so Marble was determined to change. Marble knew he had to travel deep into the earth's crust so he could melt into magma. So that's exactly what Marble did, he found a magma pool that he patiently waited in until the magma pool erupted. When the volcano erupted and Marble was flowing and transforming from magma into lava, Marble was getting excited that he was finally starting the transformation process. When Marble was in his lava form he was quickly changing into a new form. The new rock form is called Igneous Rock. Finally he was done transforming from being a Metamorphic Rock into an Igneous Rock.

Igneous Rock

With Marble in the Igneous form, he just sat there on top of the volcano waiting for a rain storm to come along. After waiting for two days, one storm finally came. With all the weathering and eroding all of the Igneous Rock, the Igneous Rock fell off piece by piece on the ground or into the ocean on top of the existing Sediment. When the Igneous Rock falls off piece by piece, and lands on the Sediment, this is a process called Cementation and Compactation. Marble Finally turned into a Sedimentary Rock.

Sedimentary Rock

When Marble turned into a Sedimentary Rock. He didn't feel right, he decided that he wanted to go back into his original form because he realized that he is truly hansom in his natural form. So he dug back down deep into the earth, from there he let the process of Heat and Pressure reshape marble into his original form. When the process was done, Marble was glad that he was back into Marble! From here Marble learned that he is truly beautiful in his natural form and that he doesn't want to ever go back through that process (Which he will have to over Marble's lifetime).

By: Mikey Plautz