Fighting ISIS

U.S. troops trying to make ISIS disappear

Strategies against ISIS

  • French fighter jets were sent to Syria, targeting ISIS in Raqqa, after two days of the attack.
  • French police men are still trying to find one of the attackers, Salah Abdeslam, that is believed that he is on the run.
  • U.S. has not meet the capacity for training anti-ISIS. But there is many Sunnis that joined the Iraq security force.


There was a threat released from ISIS, saying that we have no protection and a American city list that they plan on attacking. In the threat they released it said that U.S. was paying ISIS to work for them. It also mentioned, "START PRAYING AND DON’T STOP… WE FIGURE YOU’VE GOT ABOUT SEVEN ( 7 ) YEARS TO DO THIS… SO GET USED TO IT AND BE CAUTIOUS."