The Falcon Library 3 year plan

Issues to be addressed

When Mrs. Frazier arrived in February 2014 -

  1. Students felt unwelcome in the library as did many of the teachers and staff. People looked scared when they came in the door.
  2. The librarian was not teaching nor collaborating.
  3. The resources available were grossly out of date.

Ultimately - the library was dead. No classes, few students, and low circulation numbers.

So what is the solution?

By the time these classes graduate we will:

How many goals have we met for 2015?

Welcoming Goals
  • Create student book club - Done and meeting monthly
  • Purchase comfortable seating to encourage patrons to stay, learn, and connect. - Done

Instructional Goals

  • Provide English II classes bi-weekly sessions on information skills and research. -Half Done. Ms. McCollum's students are coming in every two weeks and Ms. McCoy is ready to start in the new school year.
  • Work with the technology facilitator to help find resources for teachers and reach at least 10% of faculty. - Done 15%

Collection Goals

  • Heavily weed the collection to remove books which are not accurate, relevant, or are in poor physical condition. - Getting Done - Weeded 950 books so far
  • Begin purchasing ebooks with unlimited access for use in the science and social studies departments. Ten per department. - Funds promised, order in process
  • Add at least 20 new fiction titles each quarter. - Funds promised, order in process
  • Provide at least 40 non-fiction titles per year in under-developed subject areas. - Funds promised, order in process
  • Design long term collection development plan. - Waiting - easier to develop based off this years purchases.