Roman Culture

By Ashlyn, Caitlin, Ella, Eva, and Reid


The Roman empire flourished for many years, under rule of countless leaders and Emperors. Rome’s rich culture made it a stand out among the other civilizations in classical Europe. Rome is the most amazing empire for many reasons. The Romans fought in countless wars against other empires, taking their skillful soldiers and strong military commanders. Rome followed a polytheistic religion, which means they worshiped many gods and goddesses. They prayed in specially made temples and built large marble statues and long roads. Throughout the years, Rome had many powerful leaders and Emperors that changed Rome drastically! The Romans built many unique structures with strong materials that still stand tall today! Roman writers, artists, sculptors, and musicians, created many pieces that are admired and studied today. With all of these innovative ideas and creations, Rome became one of the most powerful empires in history, and had the most amazing culture.

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Religion controlled the ancient Romans lives in many different ways. First, the Romans set aside many hours of their day to worship the gods and goddesses they believed in. Also, as time went on, they started to believe in many of the Greek gods. They admired the Greek’s polytheistic religion, and renamed the gods to coincide with their Latin roots and heritage. This forced them to learn about, and worship more gods that varied in personalities. Each god stood for and managed something different, for example, Juno was the goddess of family and marriage! These gods made up the Romans’ religion, causing citizens to take a greater amount of time to worship and pray.

Some Gods were;

  • Jupiter - god of the sky and king of the gods

  • Neptune - God of the Sea

  • Pluto - God of the underworld

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One major innovation of Rome was the concrete used for roads. The concrete was made out of mixed gravel, sand, crushed limestone, and volcanic ash. There was a saying that all the roads led to Rome. This was basically true. The Roman roads could go twice around Earth’s equator. Roads eased transportation, trade, and communication throughout the empire!

Another innovation was the aqueducts, they were mainly used for transporting water to and from different places, as a form of irrigation. Rome was famous for their aqueducts, which were often many miles long. They traveled through mountains and spanned valleys. Also, bridges held the aqueducts for the water to travel through.

The people of Rome also created tools to use for surgeries and digging that are still used today. Some of these were called forceps, bone drills, hooks, and scalpels. These tools have helped many people in present time making their lives much easier.

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Roman Conclusion

In conclusion, ancient Rome had the most amazing culture compared to any other empire. With it’s compassionate religion and strong leaders, to their skilled military, intricate architecture, and unique artistic abilities, Rome had the greatest culture by far! Rome became a standout empire throughout all of the classical civilizations, especially with the help of their rich lifestyle, earning them the title of most amazing culture!