The Haitian revolution(1794-1804)

By:Jesus Moreno

who revolted

The people hated the idea of the slaves being able to do things so they went agents it and did want them to be able to do things so they had war

Why where they revolting

The government was stopping wars and making people free so the people thought this was wrong so they took it into there own hands and wanted the military to help them so they did and the government didn't want war so they didn't listen and went to war with slaves
Haitian Revolutions: Crash Course World History #30

Did they try to make slaves free

They did because they made a "deceleration or right"it is when blacks and whites are both free and the people didn't think this was right so they went to war and the people just went to war with Europe

why did they free slaves

the freed slaves because they were gonna go to war with France the British and they slaves and they knew they would lose so they just freed the slaves but then it came back soon and they had another war called "the fight of Independence"