Stone Mountain Women's Club

Youth Writing Contest

Youth Writing Contest - Short Story and Poetry

Any student in grades K-12 may submit a short story (2,000 words max.) or poem (50 lines max.) that is an original work written in 2014.

Category 1: Grades K-2

Category 2: Grades 3-5

Category 3: Grades 6-8

Category 4: Grades 9-12

Entries Due Friday, January 9, 2015!

Please deliver or send by courier to:

AIC - Curriculum and Instruction, Attention: Lynn Angus - K-12 ELA Coordinator

Complete rules and REQUIRED WAIVER can be found here:

DeKalb County School District

This information has been provided through Lynn M. Angus, K-12 ELA Coordinator in the DCSD Department of Curriculum and Instruction.