#3..2..1..blast off

Smore of what we did this week

Hello prek parents. We explored outer space this week, learned about the letter S, and practiced subtraction. We colored and cut out our own planets. We made a diagram of the solar system and decorated it. We wrote down the names of the planets on it too. We wrote sentences about what planet we wanted live on. We hung up everything in the classroom for you to see. We practiced subtraction in whole group number talks and in small groups with lakeshore centers and worksheets. We welcomed Piper to our class to visit for the day. We met Spooky S in language arts. We brainstormed over 100 vocabulary words. We Practiced handwriting, word building and sight word reading. We did an AMAZING job singing to our parents and school the best #sillysongs in the league. Thanks for emails and feedback during our difficult times this week. Your students did a great job at talking about and dealing with it the best we could. We wrote some wonderful words and attached them to balloons to remember our dearest friend, Mrs. Scallan. Please ask if you have questions. Be on the look out for updates from Mr. Rodia. If you don't see something or need to know please check with me or Mr. Rodia. Thanks for ALL you do. I GREATLY appreciate it!!!!!!! Great job by ALL students and parents!!!!!!!

Don't forget to sign up for conferences and or a book to donate to BINGO night please!

smore of what we will do next week

In Science, we will start our project based learning theme for the next three weeks. We will learn about plants. We will do some experiments. We will look at tools. We will plant our own. We will have a celebration at the end of the three weeks. We will learn about the pl and gr letter buddy blends in language arts. In math, we will continue to practice subtraction, addition, number recognition and participate in numbertalks. A million thank you's, enjoy and be safe this weekend, Mr, Alaxson & Ms. Robyn