The Needed Heat

Steps on how to create a fire in the wild.

Why do you need a fire?

Fire is one of the most important things for survival in the wilderness! Some reasons why:

  • Gives you warmth in cold conditions
  • Can dry wet clothes
  • Can purify water and cook food
  • Use smoke for rescue signals
  • Gives you light

STEP ONE: Where to put it?

Putting your fire in the proper location is vital for having the fire stay lit, or lite at all. You should look for:

  • Dry, flat ground
  • Protection from the wind
  • Close to your shelter
  • Close to firewood
You should think about putting it near a water source in case the fire spreads outside of the area you planned.

STEP TWO: How to get started!

Before you try and catch anything on fire you need to prepare the area first.

  1. Clear the area four or five feet around where you picked your location. Make sure there are no twigs, dead grass/plants or anything else flammable.
  2. Dig a pit five inches deep and about three inches across
  3. Use some dry rocks and place it around the pit to contain everything inside
Now its time to collect your wood!

STEP THREE: Collecting the right wood.

There are three kinds of wood you need to keep the fire going.

  1. Tinder
  2. Kindling
  3. Fuel
Tinder is small things that will help you get the spark and fire started, kindling will keep the fire going for a while and fuel will keep the fire going for a long time. Example of tinder would be small dry twigs, kindling would be dead moss and fuel would be dry logs.

FINAL STEP: Lighting your fire: Fire Plough.

  1. First you need to find some softwood and some hardwood.
  2. Cut a groove into the softwood
  3. Use the hardwood to plow up and down the groove with pressure to create friction
  4. After each time adding more pressure the wood dust will ignite!

Other Kinds of Fires