Disaster Relief Scams

when disaster strikes...

Natural Disasters can leave many without food, water, many of there personal belongings, and even there home. Seeing pictures and hearing news about the disaster makes most people want to help. Unfortunately people use it as a chance to trick people into giving them money.

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How The Scammers Work

Have you ever heard of or gotten an email scam? They usually are emails from people you don't know and are asking for money. During disaster there are usually commercials, websites, and ads on the news asking for a donation for the people that were impacted. If you get a email asking for money to go to the disaster relief and you don't know who it is from don't click on the the link or offer any of your personal information. The link is more than likely a fake charity and the money donated to the "relief fundraiser" is stolen.

How to Avoid Getting Scams

  • Don't open emails from people you don't know
  • Don't open emails you think are scams because if they are a scam the people that made the scam know you read it and you will keep getting them
  • DON'T give any personal information

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Interview by maxxyp