November 4 - November 11, 2013

Principally Speaking

Teacher and Staff of the month: Congratulations to Kristina Mugg, Darlene Garcia and Maileen Vu! Thank you for being at NRES! Yes, there was a tie for staff of the month.

Learning Walks: They are an excellent way of finding out what is happening in our school. They can range from an in-depth observation of instructional practices to providing a snapshot of school-wide activities. A schedule of observations has been created and the first session will start the week of November 11. The leadership team will be working on a document to use during your observations. Please click here to view the schedule.

DATA TALKS: We will continue with these all of this week. Please review continue to review the results from your latest grade level common assessments. This will provide clarity this week as you seek to answer the 4 PLC questions:

1) What do we want students to learn? What should each student know and be able to do as a result of each unit, grade level, and/or course?

2) How will we know if they have learned? Are we monitoring each student’s learning on a timely basis?

3) What will we do if they don’t learn? What systematic process is in place to provide additional time and support for students who are experiencing difficulty?

4) What will we do if they already know it?

LOCKDOWN DRILL: Thank you for a successful drill. The security specialist provided the following feedback:

1. Cover door window

2. Make sure your magnet is removed so that the door locks

3. Make sure everyone is quiet

4. Provide training for students in the cafeteria if a lockdown happens during lunch

5. Teach students to meet at a specific place outside the school if they are outside during the lock down. Students should not walk together but rather scattered to new location. Administration will find the place and will train you accordingly.

6. System to communicate you have all your students to command center after the drill

7. Perform unannounced fire and lockdown drills

Professional Development

This week we are asking teachers to watch the PD in Focus video for how to communicate learning goals to our students. Please watch this 8 minute video and reflect on how it can impact your students. Your username is your email and your password is kellerisd.


Comprehemsion Tool Kit: Please locate your Comprehension Tool Kit because you will need it for the training on Friday. Please click here to view which number was assigned to you last year.

TOP ROCKETS: Submit your TOP Rocket for the second six weeks by November 14. Please click here.

MATH QUESTIONS: Heather Steen is eager to hear your questions! Please enter your questions for Heather Steen here.

EMERGENCY TEXT: Teachers and Staff, please send a text to (817) 993 6537 and in the body of the message type @mrmuji - We will send you a text message in case of an emergency, weather closings, etc. Please keep in mind that fees may apply from your cell provider.

Weekly Happenings


1. Parent computer training on Home Access Center at 8:30am in the computer lab

2. Penny Wars start


1. PLC meetings during planning time


1. PTA Executive meeting at 6:30pm

1. Faculty Meeting: Professional Learning Session with KISD Math Coordinator, Heather Steen

2. Fine Dining Video: Please send your 3rd and 4th grade student who was invited to this event to the conference room at 2:15pm.


1. Professional Learning at 8:00am

Where is Admin this week?

Monday: Jackie at Shady Grove until Noon. Oliver at TELPAS meeting PM

Tuesday: Oliver at Admin. Building PM

Wednesday: Jackie at Feeder Pattern meeting PM

Thursday: Jackie at Admin building AM

Friday: Comprehension Toolkit Training (NRES)

November Staff Birthdays

Salcido, Brenda 2-Nov

Baldwin, Heather 5-Nov

Garcia, Darlene 9-Nov

Hendrick, Cherry 18-Nov

Compton, Becky 23-Nov

Reyes, Reyna 30-Nov