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8 Facts about the Karankawa

Karankawa Native American Tribe

Adaptations:They put alligator grease on the body as bug repellent.

Food: Fish, shellfish, wild rice, roots, and alligators

Shelter: A leaning too made up of leaves sticks and grass

Transportation: Traveled by dug out canoes because they live in the gulf coast region

Government: two groups one lead by a Civil Chief the other lead by a War Chief

Regions: they lived in the coastal region near the gulf of mexico. They also live near Galveston and corpse Christy.

Religion: Karankawa religion, as understood by non-Indian observers, inspired fear and revulsion due to the Karankawa practice of ceremonial cannibalism

Native American tribes

The Karankawa is a nomatic indian tribe. There diet includes rabbit and wildrice plus fish.They live in the coastal regoin of texas and one of there adaptions, they rubed aligator fat on the and used to as bug repelent. The Comanche was also a nomatic tribe but unlike th karankawa they lived in the plains of texas. They were excellent horse man and the last natives to go on prserve there diet was buffalo. The cadfo was a farming culture they had a more permanent home. They ate squash rice and other beans and vegetables that they farmed. they ate squash beans and other vegetables they grew and rabbits is what they caught. All these tribes have one thing in common they are all adapted to their environment