Franklin Up High With Lightning

Would Franklin be Fried Or Alive?

Philadelphia, 1752. Benjamin Franklin is a well known scientist that is well known for his famous kite experiment. He used a homemade silk kite, metal key, and wet twine to prove that lightning could be brought down from the heavens to Earth. In his lab he was able to get a spark from static electricity as he worked with a Leyen Jar. He made made a decision to take the experiment outside. On a windy day he flew his kite on wet twine and attached metal key. He was trying to draw energy on to the key and arch it to his finger. The clouds gave enough energy, from friction for Franklin to get a static that hit the metal key and jumped to his knuckles. He proved that electricity could be brought down from the heaven.' Luckily for me, there wasn't a lightning storm or else, I could had lost me life! Benjamin exclaimed as he remembers his famous kite experiment.