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July Re-cap!

Welcome Baby Parker!!

We welcomed a new bundle of joy to our family, on Wednesday July 30 at 12:43 pm 7 lbs 10 oz. 20.5 inches long. He is as sweet as can be and we are so blessed to have him here! Parker Mac Landis (his middle name is after my Papa Mac who passed away a little over 4 years ago). His big brother Joey is so in love! It was absolutely bitter sweet when they first met. Parker opened his eyes just for joey and boy was he hooked when they made that first connection.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Amber for helping me out on the team page and really taking charge while I recover from my c-section and adjust to a family of 4! It has been a huge help, and I am so very grateful! Thank you Thank you!

And thank you to my amazing team! You all have been so amazing and supportive! I truly one lucky lady to have each of you on my team! When they say your team is like your family, it is so true! And I truly feel the love :*

Transition Time!

Transition MONTH has officially started, and you don’t be empty handed when someone asks to smell the new fall scents or to see the new catalog! August is the month to get your new scents for your basket parties and your home parties at a discount, for the fall/winter catalog which starts Sept. 1st!

New fall catalogs will be 10% off as well during August. See the news tab in your workstation for more details. Also, you can now see the list of warmers and scents that will be discontinued once the new catalog starts under your resources tab, then click “monthly promotions.” If you have a customer that loved a scent that is discontinuing, have them stock up on it during August’s 10% off product sale, since we can never be POSITIVE that a scent will return in the spring/summer catalog next year.

Don't forget you can add business supplies to a party order of 150 PRV or more and it is shipped to you for free!

This is an exciting time of year to move forward in our business. August is the perfect time to end our summer with an amazing 10% OFF Sale! Then we can move forward and start focusing on the Fall/Winter Season ahead.

I know each of us have a busy season ahead! And we are totally going to rock it!

Keep Calm & Scentsy on!

Scentsy Director: Team Full of Scents

Booking Blitz IS in FULL swing!

The booking blitz has begun! From August 1st thru August 8th lets get those CALENDARS FILLED!!

Pick up that phone and make your 30-60 minute phone calls each day to your LIST of 100!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to share your success each day with us on our Event Page for the Booking Blitz! We want to join in on the excitement with YOU!!

There will be prizes! Amber & I want to physically see your calendar bookings so be sure to post them on the event page!! This will also get you an entry!

For those who BOOK parties you will get an entry into a drawing! So for example: if you book 5 parties on August 1st that is 5 entries.

Drawing will be held on August 31st!!

PRIZES will be announced at the time of the drawing!!

Can Do Cancun Incentive Trip Earners!

CONGRATULATIONS on earning the Trip to Cancun!!! You definitely put the CAN in CANCUN! I am so very proud of you!! whoop whoop!

Nicole Kitchen
Amber Brzchalski
Hanna Landis
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Radiate PASSION!

Do we really LOVE our product? Do we KNOW all about the product, what it consists of, what it does, how it smells/tastes/feels? To truly represent ourselves we need to use, share and show that we are committed fully. When asked about your business, how do you express and talk about it?

When we talk about our loved ones, husband/wife, children and grandchildren, our physical appearance and demeanor shows that LOVE we have for our family. We smile and that love just radiates to those we talk to. We can use that same emotion when we talking about our business. When you have that passion, your whole being hcnages and it will convey how you truly feel!

Each of us has an amazing opportunity to share and grow our business. Its much easier when you KNOW and LOVE your product!
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Having trouble getting bookings for home parties?

There are generally three main reasons why your booking success leaves much to be desired:

Your peeps are basically non-party people. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Those you know or talk to just don’t get into hosting or attending direct sales home parties. Have you ever tried to convince someone who prefers country music to listen to jazz? Or how about convincing a true blue dog-person to get a cat? Sometimes it’s that simple; nothing you say or offer will convert them into party-people.

You haven’t asked. That may be a BGO (blinding glimpse of the obvious) but are you honestly asking people if they’d like to host a party? Or are you making up their minds for them? Have you already decided that she wouldn’t want to have party? There might be a market for your mind-reading abilities.

You’re using words and terms that make people run. Sometimes when people hear “home party” their mind translates that into something as fun as a mammogram or paying taxes. Perhaps you can say the same thing in a more enjoyable manner that will get favorable results.

The Solution

If you fall into one of the above three categories consider these possible solutions:

Review your company policies and procedures to ensure you are permitted to market via methods other than home parties. Perhaps you’re better suited to participate in vendor events such as craft shows or state fairs. Can you use Internet marketing? Perhaps that’s the way to go instead of constantly hitting the wall with home parties.

Open your mouth and give people the opportunity to get free stuff. And for goodness sake don’t ever use the word “favor.” Your hostesses aren’t doing YOU a favor – you’re doing THEM a favor by providing them the opportunity to get some products free or greatly reduced. Until you change your mindset about that favor thing, no matter how you ask, you’ll come off that you don’t really believe you’re offering something worthwhile.

Try using creative language. How about “Free (Scentsy bars, free plug in, free product of your choice) For Large Orders”? That says nothing about a home party but gives potential hostesses the opportunity to merely collect orders or to decide how to go about getting the free goods.

Also try other names for home party, or set up a themed party!

If what you’re doing isn’t working it’s really as simple as finding a different way to arrive at your destination. Take a detour; try something different than what you originally thought was the way to go.

Quote of the Month

Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to try. ~Anonymous


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ScentSATIONAL Start Earners!

Congratulations on earning Scentsational Start LEVEL 1!!

**Tabitha Leeth**

Scentsational Start Award- Level 1

  1. Within 70 calendar days of enrollment
  2. 1,250 points in PRV or
  3. Three personally Sponsored active consultants

Award Received:

  1. $50 Product Credit
  2. Green Scentsy Scentsational Start lapel pin
  3. Certificate of Achievement


Look at ALL of these promotions this month!! These consultants have achieved a NEW level in their business in the month of JULY and have given themselves a RAISE or BONUS, great job to each of you! So very proud of your newest achievement!

The most important thing about goals, is having them!

Certified Consultant:
Crystal Rodriguez
Terri DesJardins
Evelyn McNamara

Tanya Mabee

Lead Consultant:
Tabitha Leeth

Star Consultant:
Nicole Kitchen

Super Star Consultant
Amber Brzuchalski

Shooting Star Earners!!

Whoop Whoop!! Check out these two shooting star Earners!!! AMAZING!!!! Congratulations ladies on your accomplishment!

Tanya Mabee
Evelyn McNamara

Team Website

As many of you already know our Team Website has officially launched! This website I wanted to do so each and everyone of us has the necessary resources and tools for there Scentsy business right at there fingertips!

Of course if you want to see something added in to the website please feel free to email me!

You can access this website here:
Password: shinebright
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Are you signed up for the WOTM or SOTM?

As Consultants we have the option of signing up for the SOTM and WOTM Subscription at a HUGE SAVINGS!! AND, we have them in our hands 2 weeks before it's available for sale to our customers!

If you automatically have a subscription, you will be charged on the 15th of the Month and your subscription will arrive at your home within 3 to 4 days.

If you are not automatically signed up, you usually you from the 15th - 28th of the month to sign up each month. You can check out the photos of the Warmer of the Month and decide if you think it's something your customers might like, and you can then check out the reviews of the other consultants on the team on their thoughts on the scent of the month before signing up.

You can decide monthly if you want to order the Warmer & Scent of the Month, just the Scent of the Month or neither of them.


Join our Team Page!

If you have recruited someone, please make sure your new recruits are on our Facebook Group Page Team Full of Scents! If they don't have a Facebook account, it would be worth it to make an account just so they could join the group!

There is helpful information posted daily, if not hourly, that all new consultants would greatly benefit from. You can click on this link to join the group and then just click the "request to join" button on the top right hand side of the page.

My Availability to YOU!

I have made a commitment to make business hours for my business and my family!

MON-FRI 9am-4pm
SATURDAY 11am-5pm
SUNDAY OFF Completely

Feel free to contact me during my normal hours and or shoot me an email, text, private message voice-mail on Sunday and I will answer it on Monday I hope y'all understand. NOT to mention we have a growing team of amazing leaders who are all here to answer questions even if something does come up on Sunday (when I'm not available) Thank you for understanding!