Victorian England

By: Lucy Gates


People burned coal not wood.

The air was usually black and bad. People usually stayed inside. There was also a fireplace in almost every room of a house.

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Keeping Clean

Most people took sponge baths and used perfume because they couldn't get hot water in their bathtubs.

Women Clothing

Most women wore black because the smoke from the fireplace made their dresses black. Most women also wore long sleeve dresses and not much of their skin showed. They wore gloves and very long dresses.
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Hair Color

Blonde hair was they best color to have. If you had red hair not many people would like you. You did NOT want to have red hair in Victorian times.

Getting Around

There were no cars. People walked used trains, boats and horses to get around.


At that time a regular crime was abducting children for their clothes and letting them run home in their underwear. The police force in London was also created in the Victorian era.
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Victorian Home

In Victorian homes there was no electricity for light, just gas lamps and candles. Many households had maids. Most women had a piano in their house if they could afford it. They loved to sing and dance. Rat problems were also very common. Babies could get rat bites a lot.


Most people went to the seaside for the holidays.
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Victorian Men

Almost every man had a beard or at least side whiskers. If a single man called a single women by her first name it meant he wanted to get engaged. Lower class men could not vote.
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Victorian Women

Women didn't eat a lot, exercise or go outside. That's why they got sick a lot. Women could NOT vote. Upper class women were very fragile and delicate. They also liked to do charity work. Working class and middle class had to work a lot. To influence their society they could influence their husband and children at home. They were very intense in their religion.
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Tear Bottles

If a loved on died people would keep tear bottles. When the tears evaporated, they were done being sad.
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