Getting Started With Twitter

Becoming Connected and Why It is Important

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Let's Take A Look At The What with Julie Smith

Twitter tutorial for beginners - esp Teachers

Getting Started With A Twitter Account - The How

1. Go to

2. Enter info, choose "handle" (your Twitter name)

  • Keep it short & professional

3. Follow 5 people or groups (see below for suggestions)

4. Add your contacts

5. Add a photo and bio (no egg heads, please)

Some ideas on who to follow:


















What The Hashtag #

"#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
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Twitter Hashtags for Education Explained
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The Teachers Guide To Twitter

Click here for The Teachers Guide To Twitter for those who are just getting started or even if you are more advanced.

So Let's Get This Party Started

Time to compose your first tweet!

Share your "twitter goal" now that you have become a "twitter ninja". Tag @JayBilly2 and @ltps1 to end your tweet!

Follow some great people including those in the room.

Favorite someone elses tweet and then re-tweet it.

"Quote" tweet by adding a comment to someone's tweet

Go to #njed, #tlap, #edchat, or @ltps1 and find a tweet that is relevant for you and favorite it.

Advanced Twitter - Setting up Tweetdeck

Go To

Tie the Tweetdeck to your twitter account.

Watch this video

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