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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of June 6, 2016

Upcoming Events in June

June 6- SOL- Grade 3 Math Part 1

June 7- SOL- Grade 3 Math Part 2

June 8- SOL- Grade 5 Science

June 9- SOL-Grade 5 Va. History

June 10-16 - SOL-Make Ups and Expedited Retakes

June 17- Final Day of School- Adjusted Dismissal at 12:40

June 17- Staff Luncheon in the Cafeteria at 1:00 pm

June 20- Final Staff Day- Flex Day

June 24- Report Cards mailed home to parents

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A BIG Thanks To...

Thank you to my grade level for an amazing shower and everyone who was able to attend. We had a fantastic time and truly are blessed with a wonderful school family Amanda and Joey

Kudos to Julie Copley for sharing all her Socrative tests!! MMBrown

Way to GO! Michael Wesely, Heather Wren, Leanna Landry, Corie Olenych, Susanne Daughtery, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Amber Nachman, and Lauren Knoblauch! They will be presenters at the ITEC Summer Learning Conference June 28 and 29! DF

This Week's PINS

Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2015

Happy Birthday!


9- Michael Wesely

10- Julie Copley

15- David French

28- Susanne Rossero


3- Tamyra Natividad

4- Scott Thietje

8-Tamara Schubart

11- Keisha O’Neal

14- Erica Hamilton

18- Gena Edwards

20- Ivy Gregory

21- Brent Cashman

23- Angie Clifton

25- Tina Carr

27-Judy Taylor


3- Nancy Drummond

11- Adam Stull

15- Amber Nachman

15- Robin Cooper

28- Leanna Landry

31- Brenda Cuffee

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