Mrs. Kerns' Friday Flyer

September 19-23

Looking ahead...

Writing: Personal Narratives

- Editing with a checklist

- Making books ready for the library

- Publishing our books

- Celebration day!


- Review characters and setting

- Probelm/Solution

- Retelling the beginning/middle/end of a story

- Review good reading habits

- Review how to read tricky words

- Review how to work together with our partners

Word Study:

- Review short vowels

- practice sight word list (lists can be found in binder)


- 2.8 Pennies

- 2.9 Nickels

- 2.10 Counting Pennies and Nickels

- 2.11 Number models

- Math game day

Science: Light Energy

- How are shadows made?

- Demonstrations/discussion of how other objects reflect light.

- We need light to see things.

- What are sources of light?

Related Arts Schedule:

Monday "E" : Art

Tuesday "A": Music

Wednesday "B": STEAM

Thursday "C": PE

Friday "D": Wellness and Book Buddies

Upcoming dates:

September 21: Collaborative Planning day- Dismissal at 11:40

September 28: Fall pictures

September 30: Spirit Day and Chic-Fil-A biscuit sales

October 13: End of first nine weeks

October 20: Report cards issued

October 20-21: Parent/Teacher conferences


1. I will send home a packet on Monday. It is to be returned by Friday. Students can hand it in sooner if they finish before Friday.

2. Students are encouraged to read 15 minutes each night.

3. Word list checks on Friday