Teaching: EdTech Style

A new twist on old thoughts

Student Response Cards

Have you been using student response cards, and getting a little bored of them? You have colored, lettered, true & false, yes & no but now out of ideas. Below is a great new tech tool for you that takes a spin on this idea. But first, for those who haven't used response cards, a quick synopsis.

Traditional Method

Student response cards are a tool to use for formative assessment. It is a quick check to gauge student learning. Use it to your advantage because it requires participation simultaneously from all students not just a select few. Response cards are flexible to grade level and content area. Students pinch, show, or hold the answer up facing the teacher.

Refresh It!

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As you can see, Plickers is easy and FREE! Once you create an account, print the cards from your laptop. Recording student responses is instantaneous! Build a stronger foundation for responsibility and a culture for learning.

Plickers in Action

Plickers In The Classroom

Need to see it in Action?

I will offer a training on this application in the 6th SW, but if you can't wait, no problem! Get in touch with me to schedule a modeling sessions with your class.