Munchkin Mail

March 3, 2014

A new way to share information...

Hello, Munchkin Families!! Here's a new way to share information and collaborate from afar! Browse this digital newsletter for information, activities, and links to sites you and the kiddos might enjoy. :)

Spelling List

Practice these words each week to increase the ease of which kiddos use what they know to spell words!

  1. way
  2. try
  3. such
  4. part
  5. glass
  6. stuff
  7. former
  8. show
  9. letter
  10. barnyard
  11. *sure
  12. *they

Practice writing these sentences! You will be tested on them on Friday!

  1. Jake left his backpack at school.
  2. His spelling list was in it.
  3. Kelvin gave him the list of words to learn.
  4. Jake thanked Kelvin for being willing to help.

High Frequency Words

Touch and say these words quickly each week. These are words we see a lot and they do not follow traditional spelling rules. Sounding them out won't work! Just touch and say them quickly. :)

1. four

2. country

Homework Menu

Click above to download your copy of the Homework Menu for this week.

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Adorable clip art images are original artwork by Kate Hadfield.