9th Annual GALA Auction

Saturday, March 12

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West Hollywood Elementary’s biggest night is fast approaching!

You can help -
  • We are asking each family to procure 2 donations (separate from the grade baskets that Christine emailed you about). Donation forms can be found here.

  • What's a donation? If you would like to donate something - an object or tickets, that's great. You could also donate your time - perhaps a one hour class about some hobby of yours; or a dinner that you cook or picnic for group of 4 or 8; a venue - either at your home or business, for a birthday party. You could also ask businesses that you frequent to donate any of the above. In addition to good will, the businesses would get free publicity at the Gala Auction and on Wizard Wire. And finally, you can ask friends and extended family to do the same.

  • Do attend the Gala. Tickets are now on sale at https://fowhe.ejoinme.org/gala2016. Buy now for the EARLY BIRD PRICE of $75! If you are unable to attend the Gala, please consider sponsoring a teacher or staff member!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email Linnea (Sebastian's mom) and Sena (Adrian's mom) at <linnea13@gmail.com> or <xsena@hotmail.com>, who are doing a wonderful job of coordinating the evening.