From cacao beans to chocolate

By: Dheeraj Tunuguntla

What a yummy snack

Chocolate is a popular delouis snack. Lots of people like chocolate. Chocolate has a big process. Do know how it is made?

Growing Cacao Beans

Cacao trees are grown in Africa. Cacao beans come from cacao trees. The trees grow something called pods and thats were cacao beans come from.

Making chocolate

The beans are dried first. Second a train takes them to a factory. Next, the beans are roasted and cooked. Then, a machine makes the beans into mini peies. After, milk is mixed with the chocolate the chocolate is made into liquid. Last it is made into a shape.

The History of Chocolate

The first people to find cacao beans were native amircans. At first chocolate was not sweet. In -2000 -1000 bce the first people tasted chocolate.

What is it used for?

they use chocolate to make statues, sculpture and candy. Chocolate is sold in stores. Chocolate is great snack.
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