Violence Against Women

Exposing Everyday Terrors

What is Violence Against Women?

The term means any act of gender based violence that results in physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including acts like threats or deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life.

Violence Against Women happen everyday, to people that may seem fine or without bruises because it can happen emotionally too. Women suffer from so many disorders due to being abused by partners and have trouble building trust and letting people in. Violence Against Women needs to stop because no one, no matter what they are going through has the right to lay their hands on a women in any rough physical way, ever.


  • On average 30% of women in relationships reported they have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence.

  • 38% of murders of women have been committed by an intimate partner

  • Between 0.3%-11.5% of women reported experiencing sexual violence by a non-partner since they were 15 years old

  • 42% of women have reported injuries caused by physical abuse from intimate partners
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Violence Against Women Can Cause...

  1. Can lead to unintended pregnancies, induced abortions, sexually transmitted infections including HIV

  2. This form of violence can lead to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep difficulties, eating disorders, and emotional distress.

  3. Violence can result in physical, mental, sexual, reproductive health

What are the effects of Violence Against Women?

  • Violence stops women from having their most basic rights - to safety, health, schooling and working.
  • Violence limits women's access to land, water, and food and their ability to participate in work and education.
  • Violence makes women face a major obstacle where they are not able to create a sense of safety, peace and security.
  • Violence causes risk of infections, such as HIV and AIDS
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