Income Tax Project: Single

Apurva Bachal

I chose to research the method for people who file his/her income tax as a single person.



Career Income Tax Calculations

(link to google doc that shows all of the calculations and results of the avg. income tax for each career)

Graph of piecewise function included with career points


Summary and Reflection

The tax brackets for Single people seem to be reasonable, which is why I chose it. Also, I will be using this specific tax bracket as soon as I get a job so I thought it would be useful to know well in advance it. I thought it was unusual how the 35% tax bracket was only from $398,350 to $400,000, while the 28% bracket was a wide range from $87,850 to $183,250.

The reason why I chose these 3 careers is because I have/currently shadow them. I had the opportunity to shadow an orthopedic surgeon for a whole day, and I shadow a dentist every Monday/Wednesday and shadow an orthodontist every Tuesday/Thursday. I know for sure I want to be in the medical field when I grow up, and having first hand experiences with these 3 careers got my curious about how much they might have to pay for their yearly income tax. There are many pros to all of these 3 careers; however, there are a couple cons. For example, the life of an orthopedic surgeon is extremely busy. Also, it takes 12-15 year to actually be one, so an orthopedic surgeons career usually STARTS at the age of 35 or so. Dentists and Orthodontists also requires 8-10 years of school, which means it takes a while to start off a career in that field. The pros include an high salary, which is something that everyone considers when choosing a career. Also, my love for science will be put to use if I choose a career in the medical field.

I liked how this project let us see a connection between the real world and Pre-Cal. Many people today question how math is even used in the real would and wonder if it is necessary, but this project provides some insight as to why math is vital to the real world. I learned all about piecewise functions, how to make my own that relates to real life, and I even learned crucial information about the careers I am interested in. I never actually thought about the income tax/financial portion of the careers i'm interested in until this project. I'd say this project made me work enough for a quiz grade. It required a decent amount of time, but not too much! I think I will remember the results of this project for a very long time, as I will take it into consideration when I'm deciding what exactly I want to be when i grow up, so I'd say I'll need it in a couple years.