Car Culture

America on the road


  • Henry ford making cars cheaper for the common day man
  • car company lower prices because of the assembly line
  • middle class wanted to be able to afford a car
  • people wanted luxury cars
  • new ways in forming steel
  • lower steel prices
  • Henry ford making the assembly line more productive
  • people wanted a car to show off there wealth

How the automobile changed america

The automobile gave the working man freedom, it allowed the working american to live in the middle of the woods and still be able to commute the his job in the city. It boosted the economy with over 23 million vehicles registered in the late 1920's. Mass producers made new records with 5.9 million automobiles produced by 1929. Not just as a essential object the automobile was also a financial statement.
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1920's luxury

in the 1920's people wanted luxury cars and ford didn't answer the call so general motors did and they created Cadillac. Cadillac had many advancements witch its known for but when the first Cadillac was released it had two folding windshields and a area to put in luggage under the running boards. Then later on a new car company was created to compete with general motors Cadillac. And the company was Packard they made cars that were considered "roomy " and it came available with a compartment in the quarter panel to put luggage in.

Trends of Car Culture


By the 1920's many of Americans were hitting the road. And they needed a place to go so in many communities motels started to pop up to give drivers and there family and passengers a place to spend the night.
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Gas Stations

As the number of motorist on the road began to rise gas and service stations began to appear. This allow motorist to go on further trips without having to worrie as much about gas.
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Service Shops

With the number of cars produced going up. More cars need maintenance so with this happening. Service Mechanic's got more work and many started getting into the trade.
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  • the modern day car with a better look and faster engines
  • some features like power steering ,abs and air bags
  • affordable cars that anyone is able to buy
  • highways which make commuting faster
  • paved roads

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