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Product Focus

Product Focus- A Design Quality of Choice

Product Focus, which refers to the opportunity to structure tasks and activity so that what students are to learn is linked to some product, performance, or exhibition to which the student attaches personal value. What kinds of products, performances, or exhibitions that students experienced in the past seem to be of interest to them?

Product Focus –

• Is the work clearly linked to some product, performance, or exhibition?

• Do students understand the connection between what they are doing and the final outcome?

• Do students see meaning in the product?

Product focus. Work that engages students almost always focuses on a product or performance of significance to students.

When Focusing on the Design Quality of Product Focus, Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What kinds of products, performances or exhibitions might students create that would call upon them to work on and with the content suggested by the standard?
  • From among these products, performances or exhibitions, which are most likely to be inherently compelling to most students?
  • How might I link this product, performance or exhibition to something of value to students?

All information has been taken from the Schlechty Center.