North Carolina

Elementary School Librarians

eBook Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out North Carolina elementary school library eBook survey. This survey should take you about 15 minutes to complete. This survey seeks to gather information on eBook purchasing practices, types of eBooks purchased, types of eReaders used and the use of eBooks in the elementary school library program. Even if you do not currently have ebooks in your elementary library, please complete the first part of the survey so as to help give us a complete picture of ebook usage in the elementary library. Please note that the information collected will not identify you or your school program in any way and any information you provide will remain anonymous. Your completion of the survey indicates your permission for the information to be used, in an aggregated form, for an Education Specialist thesis project at Georgia Southern University.

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey. The greater the response the stronger my research will be. Thank you for participating!

Click on link to access the survey or scan the QR code.

IRB Tracking # H14083

The Researcher

My name is Renee Gentry. I have been a Media Specialist for 19 years serving in elementary, middle, & high school. Currently I work at Roaring River Elementary in Wilkes County. I have also worked in Surry and Yadkin Counties. I am a member of NCSLMA, AASL and serve on the EBOB State and Region 7 committees.