Heal Your Acne Naturally

A Comprehensive Plan to Help You Achieve Clear, Soft Skin

Enjoy gorgeous glowing skin in just 28 days!

A few years ago, my skin looked terrible. It was red, inflamed, painful and irritated. I had bumps all over my face, and some were cystic.

No matter what store product I tried, my skin would not clear up. I even went the au-natural route, using nothing but honey to cleanse my face. Didn't work.

At first I tried covering it all with makeup, and then, thinking it would get better if I did so, I stopped wearing makeup altogether. For 9 months, my skin still did not change.

I cut out dairy, sugar, wheat, and meat, all with the hope that my skin would clear up.

To no avail.

I went so far as to go to Esthetician school, so that I could learn all about my condition and figure out how to clear it up.

28 Days to Clear

Just 6 months later, my skin went from being red, inflamed and painful, to clear, soft and bright.

I achieved a healthy, beautiful complexion without the use of accutane, benzoyl peroxide, prescription-strength retinol products, and without drastically altering my diet.

I'm happy to report that there's no need to enroll in trade school, start memorizing ingredients, or change your diet drastically.

I've created a comprehensive, 28 day kit complete with a professional, affordable skincare system, which I've used in my own spa to help you heal your acne for good.

Each of the skincare products are professional-grade and are formulated without parabens, animal products or by-products, mineral oil, formaldehyde-donating preservatives, synthetic dyes, triclosan, hydroquinone, PABA, and gluten.

My 10 Tips for Clear Skin

1. Read the label. If your skincare contains sulfates, mineral oil, or parabens: chuck it. It's not worth the money. These ingredients will make your skin condition worse. Sulfates are much the same as washing your face with commercial detergent, mineral oil will clog your pores, and parabens have been a controversial preservative for years. Not worth the risk.


2. Don't over-do it. Over-drying your skin by washing too frequently and with poor ingredients could be the cause of your acne in the first place. You'll want to use a good gel cleanser for your skin, but if your skin feels dry or tight after washing, its time to alternate with a more gentle cleanser. One size does not fit all with cleanser. I use two different cleansers in my regimen, depending on how my skin feels that day/night.


3. Tone it down. Toner helps to close your pores after cleansing, which is essential because enlarged pores are more likely to get clogged up. Toner also helps to rid the skin of residue that doesn't always wash away with cleanser alone.


4. No, you don't want no scrubs. At least none that contain fragments of walnut shells that are abrasive, and will end up rupturing the follicle, making acne appear more red, inflamed and hello...painful! Get an exfoliant that contains rounded micro-beads. I cannot stress this enough. Exfoliating about 2x a week is crucial if you're suffering from major breakouts. Our skin sheds itself about every 28 days, but with oily skin, instead of sloughing off, the oil causes the dead layers to linger, which clogs up your pores and leads to breakouts.


5. Spot treat. You'll want a couple spot treatments, actually. One spot treatment containing salicylic acid, which will help with active acne breakouts. And a second, to help with the spots/marks/scars leftover after your acne has begun healing. Do not purchase a spot treatment with hydroquinone. This ingredient causes your skin to thin, which will increase the appearance of aging, and you don't want that!


6. Get your vitamins. Start taking supplements designed specifically for the health of your skin. You'll want a supplement that has ingredients such as the antioxidant, reservatrol, and the mineral, zinc.

Read all 10 tips at: http://wp.me/P2I0CV-bY


As an Esthetician, the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, and someone who formerly suffered from severe cystic acne, my philosophy came to me through many trials, tribulations, and much research, persistence and patience. Having learned the news at 20 years old by my mother’s doctor that the cause of her disease was due to environmental factors rather than genetics was the first clue that led me to the beliefs I hold now about beauty and well-being.

Having had cystic acne for over a year, I learned through first-hand experience that acne is a condition from which one must heal from, and yet will not go away on its own, no matter how hard you wish for it to. I was able to heal my skin condition in a relatively short time period (6 months) without prescription medications or harsh chemical peels and topical medications.

I have learned what works, and what isn’t worth the money, pain, or time. Throughout my studies in skin care, I’ve had the opportunity to research and understand what every ingredient is in your cleanser, body wash, conditioner or bubble bath, as well as where it comes from, what its used for, and how it works, for better or worse. I’ve done the homework when it comes to beauty, skin care and wellness products, so that you don’t have to.