Hello! My name is Marvin. Hope you enjoy this flyer!

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The Definition Of Cyberbulling

The definition of cyberbulling is very similar to original bulling, only a bit worse. Now that technology has advanced, social media has now been used to bully kids and teens on the Internet. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. And this flyer will tell parents to teach their children at early age so they can learn that cyberbulling is very dangerous and that they shouldn't do it themselves.

Facts About Cyberbulling

-1/4 of teens are being cyberbullied every week.

-1/6 of teens admit that they have cyberbullied a teen.

-Majority of people have died because of cyberbulling.


Thanks for watching this slide and I hope it teaches you to tell your child (children) that technology is very hazardous and to take care.