Gianni Versace

Kyli Stoneking Hour 3

Historical Development of Fashion

Name- Gianni Versace

Date- December 2nd 1946 to July 15th 1997

Work History- Versace was known for his Glamorous styles. He used numerous techniques when creating his designs one was called "neo-couture" laser technology for fusing leather and rubber. Versace has publish books and designed many outfits that have been worn to award shows and red carpets. He has also won many awards for his work.

Couture house- Versace was in the Couture house or "Haute Couture" for his siren dresses.

Personal Life- Gianni Versace had a partner called Antonio D'Amico. He had two siblings. His brother named Santo Versace and a sister named Donnatella Versace. Versace died in 1997 from a spree killing and was murdered by a 27-year old man named Andrew Cunanan in Miami Florida.

Height of His Career

Trademark- Siren dresses

Clientele- People who would buy Versace would be quite wealthy people.

Price Ranges- Versace is very expensive. his fashion ranges from 300(on sale) to over 1,000 dollars.

Location- Versace has many location all over the world. From South America, Asia, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Europe and the USA.

Personal Analysis

How much did you know? - I knew that Versace fashion was very expensive and worn to red carpets and fashion shows and award shows.

Opinion? - I think versace is modern in some ways and very fresh. I also think that his merchandise is very expensive. Versace was a very interesting man with a great fashion sense and amazing designs and work.


Gianni Versace

Versace Designs

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Selena Gomez in Versace