My Package

Thank you so much for being on Nilofer's Summit and buying my Package

How does it get any better?!

So this mail is just to let you know that I received your paypal payments through Nilofer, thank you very much!

Below information about the different package elements

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Your Break Through Session

If you can let me know the time zone you are living in, I can send you some options for me so we can fix the 15 minute free break through session!
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Seduction of Embodiment Telecall

My business has been shifting a lot so I have had to make some changes in my classes and schedule

The class is now on 11,12,13 April at 10 PM CET, so the same time as was set before

Check here for your timezone -

In order for you to get all the information around this tele call, it would be great if you could sign up for it through this link:

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The Loop

I have it ready and was about to attach the link and it came to me that I would love to offer you a whole new loop, which will include all the awarenesses from the 7 day class


I will be sending you the loop once Im back!

Looking forward to connecting with you in person through email, but also through the session & the call!!

My email:

Look forward to hear from you so we can plan in our session!

Thank you once again for choosing this and what else is possible?!

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