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November 2012 Newsletter

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The HOLIDAYS are Here!

I love the Holiday Season! It's such a time for joy, fun, family and big-time sales for our businesses!

Our November was awesome for the Carolina Pearls TEAM! As a team, we sold OVER $98,000 in retail. Think of all of the women we styled! INCREDIBLE, we are rockin the holidays. So proud of everyone and the goals you set and achieved.

I hope that everyone enjoys this Holiday Season to the fullest! I know that I will say an extra prayer of thanks for each of YOU! You all make this journey in life an extra special one! I am so, so grateful for the friendships that I have made along the way with Stella&Dot. Your stories, humor and positive attitudes are all so incredible and inspiring! Thank you for stepping out in total faith and joining our team! I love having each and every one of you along my journey!

Let's make DECEMBER unforgettable! Here is a GREAT article to read for DECEMBER! Platinum Director Lindsay Walsh shared it and I think it is one of the BEST articles to read for this time of year with your S&D Business: For all who read it and send me your most valuable tip learned, you will be entered into a drawing for BLING! Send me your tip by Friday 7th at 6pm. Drawing will be held Friday!




Carolina Pearls Promotion

Congratulations to Chrissy Colburn for promoting to Senior Stylist! Chrissy resides in Chicago and just recently celebrated her 2 year Stella Anniversary! We are so proud of her and all her hard work and determination.
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Top In Sponsoring for the Carolina Pearls

Lindsay Oehmen- 1 New Stylist
Dana Sellers-1 New Stylist

The Fabulous "32" for the Carolina Pearls

Stylists that earned the 5% bonus!!!

1.****Lindsay Oehmen $13,209.63****

2 .Laura Reynolds $8,501.73
3. Heather Stepp $4,706.87
4 Dana Sellers $4,199.98
5. Amy Kahn $4,156.65
6. Chrissy Colburn $4,021.61
7. Amalia Stachowiak $3,848.84
8. Mandy Owens $3,433.65
9. Heather Diliberto $3,011.03
10. Jillian Holmes $2,896.50
11. Cindy Epps $2,819.86
12.Lindsey Retzlaff $2,621.58
13. Judianna Price $2,581.51
14. Tess Donahue $2,452.80
15.Amy Snook $2,361.60

Stylists that qualified (At least $770=500PCV)

16. Jill Edwards $2,173.66
17. Kimberly Bridges $2,100.12
18. Lindsay Heath $1,988.55
19.Joy Bumgardner $1,755.00
20. Morgan Bills $1,613.00
21. Katie Hinley $1,515.08
22. Morgan Lindsey $1,491.46
23. Mindy Forlenza $1,458.37
24. Mary Jane Postiglione$1,385.54
25. Katey Wilson $1,317.00
26. Amy Zimmer $1,291.76
27. Taylar Hoffman $1,287.53
28. Elizabeth Wright $1,172.00
29. Lauren Whitfield $961.46
30. Mary Marshall Heckstall $932.00
31. Tracie Juricka $780.62
32. Heather Myers $778.65

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Congratulations to our newest Pearls

Joy Bumgardner (Pictured)
Kate McCullough

Facebook Challenge from November

There were 7 people who posted their goals for November on our team FB page! Many of you got very close to your goals and some of you had your best month ever. The power of goal setting is huge and it will give you a bar to reach for. Mary Jane Postiglione was the only stylist that reached her goal! Congratulations Mary Jane!


This will increase trunk show sales in December and front load you January!