The Biography of Eleanor Roosevelt

Written by Kem Knapp Sawyer

Interesting facts

Eleanor Roosevelt was an extraordinary person. First she taught at Todhunter School for girls in New York, because she thought that education for youths was very important. Also, Eleanor joined the Women's Trade Union League to fight for the rites of women. Another thing about Eleanor is that she went through a lot of sorrow. An example of this would be that when Eleanor was only eight years old her mother, Anna, had died. Also Eleanor's husband, Franklin Roosevelt, developed Polio. The final reason is that her brother, Elliot Jr. died of diphtheria.

"Little Nell"

On October 11, 1884 Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City. After Eleanor's mother, Anna died she went to live at her grandmother's house. While she was there her her father, Elliot died. Her grandmother sent Eleanor away to a boarding school for girls. This school inspired Eleanor to become the great person she is known as today.
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Eleanor Roosevelt as a child

The difference between marriage in 1905 and in 2016

Back in 1905, people usually married people in their families, like how Eleanor married her distant cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Unlike 1905, people in 2016 don't usually marry people from their own families.