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We Care About You and Your Loved One

What we are all about.

At Eternal Funeral Home, our specialty is to help you with planning your Funeral or Memorial Service. We have special staff/consultants who specialize in helping you make specific decisions when planning out these difficult events. Our staff, is trained and accustomed to specially help with planning any Funeral or Memorial Service. They will listen to you and do everything in their power to respect any and all Religious Beliefs and desires for the service.

How we help!

Come visit Eternal Rest Funeral Home-
Monday - Friday 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.
Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.
Phone- 800-ETE-REST - (800)-383-7378
We know that sometimes, having these conversations can be hard. If you wish to look over common aspects of planning that everyone should know please visit the link above.

Caskets and Urns Shopping-

Also, some people like privacy in looking at their many options when it comes to caskets and urns. If you would like to look at a catalog please visit the link below.