To Be an Animal

By: Olivia Lopez, Lucy Kotler, and Rachel Boschen

Have you ever wondered what happens to animals that end up dead or in the pound?Things such as dog fighting, puppy mills, animal hoarding, factory farms, horse slaughter, neglect, starvation, and much more happens to these animals. Almost all those things happen because of money. Some people need to treat their animals with respect.

What do people do to abuse animals?

Some people make dog fights and from that dogs get scars and scratches from fighting the other dogs. If that isn't enough some people even do rooster fights. Other people also just hoard animals such as cats and dogs, and they abandon them somewhere. For more information on a case with 700 cats left in neglect see the vido below.

Rescued from Neglect, Meet Possum

What can we do to stop Animal Abuse

What we can do is if we look out for houses with the description of what I said above! We can make a phone call to the Humane Society or other humane organizations to help the animals and take them to their organization’s office, it’s amazing what someone can do to save animals!

The Doggy Dance

Doggy Dance

Our version of the doggy dance is based off of the rescued dog dancing with joy located below.
Rescued Dog Dancing with Joy