A long way gone

ishmael beah


a long way gone by ishmael beah, is a true story of memoirs from the author talking about his growing up in Africa as a boy soilder. this book is really eye opening and sad he talks about his search for his family that he got split from and the drugs and alcohol they are givien to make them more "Courageous". it also talks about how the diffrent tortures the rebel army made them go through and how he gets through it all  


this is a very good book I would recomend it to everyone, it shows how lucky we have it and to be living where we live. it makes you reliese how fortunate we are to grow up with such loving and caring familys. it is nonstop action and you will feel in suspence the whole time.


the main character in this book is Ishmael Beah since this is an autobiograph it really only focuses on him. He is a very smart kid and as a love for rap in the beginning of the book but as it goes on he becomes mean and tougher because thats his only way to survive and by the end of the book he does not like music at all he becomes addicted to drugs. also becoming unsociable. he has seen death so many times that it does not even bother him anymore.

favorite passage

"I have never been so afraid to go anywhere in my life as I was that day. Even the scuttle of a lizard frightened my entire being. A slight breeze blew and it went through my brain with a sharp swoop that made me grit my teeth in pain. Tears had begun to form in my eyes, but I strugled to hide them and gripped my gun for comfort." this is my favorite part of the book because it shows how much fear he has and really makes you feel like your there walking in a line next to him holding a gun, knowing that your going to have to kill somone or be killed.