By Aaron Boutz


The outdoors is a great place! But we’re not just talking about the outdoors, we’re talking about hunting in the outdoors! And if you have anything against hunting you should drop this paper and leave.


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If you don’t come prepared you may not be able to hunt.To go hunting you have to dress properly. This is because if you go hunting with a tie-dye shirt on the animals won’t even look at you or come near you. You have to have a camo that matches the nature you’re hunting in. Then it’s all up to the animal.


Scent in hunting is key in preparing and stealth. So as you wake up or get ready take a shower and put on a scent killer. You want to put this on because if the wind is pushing your scent to the animal, you will have a better chance of not bothering the animal. And if the wind isn’t pushing your scent the animal can still smell you. Things you don't want to be wearing perfume or cologne. You will regret it once you try.


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Being quiet

Stealth is a great hunting quality. When you get out of the truck, don't slam the door. Just try to barely shut it. As you get to your spot you have to be quiet. No rustling leaves, pick up your feat. Or try and find a small trail to make your footsteps quieter. But you're gonna have to make some noise right? So a effect to the noise you make if you are lucky, maybe a buck will come out and give you a chance.

Staying still

Many people can't stay still. That's why hunting isn't for them. But maybe it is for you. Let’s say there is a really nice buck staring at you. And you don’t have your bow in your hand. You can’t reach down and just grab it right then and there. Be patient and wait for the buck to turn, then you get ready.


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Other animals

Animals the reason you came, right? But sometimes your main target is not to focus on when you can’t see them. If there are other animals in front of you focus on them. The way they act. Are they scared, suspicious of you or just fine? This is because animals rely on other animals to show if there is a predator or not. And if they find you they will be gone before you see them!
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Where to shoot

Shooting is a big time deal when hunting. Same thing with accuracy. And where you are going to shoot. A deer as an example, if it’s facing sideways you see its shoulder then its body. You want to shoot right behind its shoulder to hit the lungs or the heart. That way they die quicker. So when you get your chance, don’t mess it up.



Better safe than sorry. So that's why you need to think about every move you do with any weapon. If you're out hunting with your rifle, always think of worse case scenarios. Just think, will the bullet skip off something and hit someone. Now let's talk about talk about the ammo in the gun. always treat a gun like it is loaded. and never give a gun to somebody loaded. Even if you trust that person that's giving the gun to you always check. Or you could end up dead


there is a lot to think about in safety, the guns, the ammo, and your surroundings. act as if you are hunting and there is a boarder line of trees separating a farmer's land and the land you're hunting on. If they have cows on there and you miss the shot and hit one of those cows. Or you could hit somebody. And those farmers would charge you with about $1000-4000. and if you kill someone, you couldn't get the guilt off you for the rest of your life.


Good luck

I hope this will help you in the near future. Maybe next time you go hunting you could get a nice buck or something else. Now, I hope you love the outdoors as much as I do.


Scent-a trail indicated by the characteristic smell of an animal and perceptible to hounds or other animals
Stealth-cautious and surreptitious action or movement.

Patient-able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Predator-an animal that naturally preys on others.