Reading - 7th Grade

Mrs. Clem's Class

Semester 2 - 3rd Nine Weeks

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Progress Report 2-

Report Card-

Reading Logs are due the first day of each week.

  • On Mondays in class, students create their Reading Log sheet.
  • They copy the reading focus from the board onto their reading log sheets. The reading focus stays on the board all week as a reminder.
  • In addition to the weekly focus, the reading reading log set-up includes: due date, novel, author, genre.
  • Students are to read 100 minutes at home before the next Monday. Each time they read, they are to write about the week's focus.
  • After reading the 100 minutes, students have a parent sign the reading log verifying that the reading was done.
  • The Reading Log is then turned in the following Monday.

The weekly Reading Log homework assignment has a 10 point deduction if the parent signature is missing.

If the reading log is turned in late, the district late policy applies -

70% the first day late, 50% if turned in the next 3 days, and 0 after a week late.

* My classes go to the library every 2 weeks for students to check out any book they choose to be used for the reading log. A few times throughout the year students will be assigned a certain genre for their reading that includes a book report project. During these times students must read from the book they have chosen for this project. Parents will be notified of these times when they occur.

3rd Nine Weeks Focus

Informational texts

  • Organizational patterns
  • Fact/opinion
  • Summar