App of the Month Challenge

LMES SPED - April 2015

Are you up for a challenge?

Holy cow, this year is flying by! I know most of us are really gearing up for testing so I've made some tweaks to the App of the Month Challenge to fit what's going on. Feel free to explore any of the past challenges to get caught up.

Now it's time for April's challenge. Are you ready?

  • Plan and/or collab with Stacie Taylor if you need some help! My April calendar is below.
  • Fill out the Google Form (link below) to serve as a "review" of the app. Explain how you used it, what went well, what didn't go so well, would you use again, etc.
  • Submit the Google Form by the end of the month.

April Apps

(Click on each app below for a description from iTunes!)

Math - Dreambox
  • Click here for a how-to if you haven't already started using it with your students.
  • School Code: 6zsf/laurelm

Assessment - Kahoot

  • Kahoot is such a great way to bring formative assessment back to life in your classroom. Use this game-based classroom performance system as a pre/post assessment, a quick exit ticket, or use it to review for upcoming quizzes or tests. You will instantly get the feedback and data that you can then use to better help your students. Create your own or simply duplicate already-existing quizzes to use with your students. So, go ahead, what are you waiting for? Create a free account and get "Kahooting."
  • Kahoot is not an app. It's simply bookmarked on the iPads and is located in the Assessment folder. Look for the big purple K. If it's not there, simply have your students open Safari and go to to start playing.
  • I'd love to work with you on getting this going especially since we're so close to SOL testing.

Creativity (Show What you Know - For Any Subject) - Screen Chomp

  • Similar to Educreations, this whiteboard app allows you to record touchscreen interactions and audio so you can share your ideas through video.
  • Ask Hilary...she uses this one a lot.
  • Here's a quick video to watch. Although we can't share via popular social media sites, you can copy and paste the link to the video in an email or post it to your teacher website or student blogs. These are great alternatives.
  • Classroom Applications on Pinterest

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