The Anime Capital Of The World

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The Basics

The location of Japan is it is a archipelago country, who's climate and weather is 55 Degrees and it's a temperate zone. So it is a pretty warm place in the summer and spring, yet cold like the US in the winter. Some physical characteristics of Japan are that it has one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, Mt. Fuji can be seen for miles and sits right beyond Tokyo, Japans capital city. The other characteristics of Japan is that most of the country is islands made of pure rainforest, which some of the worlds most unique animals live. It is also home to some of the deepest trenches known to the ocean.

How To Fit In

It's very easy to find interesting ways to fit in with Japanese culture. If your looking for the basics just follow these steps. 1 learn the language, the Japanese language is very hard to learn for some people. Since it has 3 different sets of letters, Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. With 2 syllables for each letter they make up one language called Kana. It can be written from 2 ways, right to left or top to bottom surprisingly! Speaking it is much easier, if you spend some time there you can surely pick up it in no time.

Most of the time in America you would say "Good morning" and "Good night" but in Japan you would say that, but 4 times a day. "Ohayo Gozaimasu", "Konnichiwa", "Konbanwa", and "Hajimemashite" all mean Good Morning, Evening, Day, and when your meeting someone for the first time. Bowing is also the most common form of greeting in Japan, you would always bow at a 90 Degree angle, since Japan culture is very polite you would wait for the other person to finish bowing before you get up, or if they were a higher-up person then you.
Different styles also apply to everyday life like wearing different shoes to different places. The taboos that they have are very proper and are to be taken seriously. Never walk on the wrong side of the road or any walkway. No tipping people, its considered confusing. Never cross your legs, its considered improper.
One of the most unique things about Japan is its vast amount of countercultures. Punk, Scene, Emo styles of fashion are in full swing over there, in the US people tend to shy away from those stereotypes but in Japan they praise them.

Digging Deeper Into Japan Culture

With so many subcultures to choose from fashion wise, there's no "way to look" in Japan. Like Cosplay, Dressing up as your favorite anime, music, TV, or movie character is very popular in Japan, so popular its a regular thing. It actually originated there. Also theres the Aristocrat Fashion, which people dress in 19th century cloths for fun. The culture landscape of Japan is not just in Fashion, though it is heavily dipped in it. Japan culture also strives from its ancestors and its huge respect value that it has on its people. There's a reason Tokyo was named the safest city on earth. Everyone shows everyone respect and positivity. Though Japan has had many influences along the way mostly from America in Food, Cloths, and Music. Ever since WW2 Japan has had mutual respect with the US and for the better.

Why Japan is Awesome!

Tokyo is the Anime capital of the world and to prove so it even has 2 of it's districts dedicated specifically to Anime!
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It's one of the most amazing places fashion, culture, and scenery wise on the planet. With the most beautiful sunsets you'll find nowhere else but by the giant sleeping silhouette of Mt. Fuji