6th Grade Technology at LV

by: Hunter Chaplin

Typing Web

~Every class period you take 5 minutes, in the beginning of class, to type.

~You have to complete the Intermediate Course by the end of the semester.

*In my opinion, I think it is entertaining because you can challenge yourself to get 3 stars on every "level".

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~You have to create a iTrailer/iMovie about you life or family or something you do, etc.

~You can make it anything you want it to be. So, have fun with it!

*I like this project because I think its fun to look through old photos to try to find the perfect pictures and make it into something cool.

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Haiku Deck

~In this project, you have to create it about your dream job(s).

~You have to include: where you do the job, what they do, what college you would like to get your degree at and how many years it would take, the tuition for the college, job openings, the salary, and lastly, 3 facts you found interesting about your job.

*I also like this project because you get to explore your dream jobs and put it into something amazing.

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Explain Everything

~The Explain Everything Project is where you get to pick a math problem of your choice and solve it.

~You have to include images and text.

*I enjoy this project because you get to express your way of thinking to the teacher and other students.

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Career Locker

~For the career locker unit, Mrs. VandenBoogaard comes in for 5 days and helps you with helping you find a good job for you.

~You need to complete Socrative questions, Career Interest Snapshots, and more!

*This wasn't my favorite unit but it was fun exploring to find what job fits you.

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~Coding is a website where you put together different actions for your "object" to do.

~You have to complete stages 8+ for a 3, and stages 11+ for a 4.

*I enjoyed the first couple stages until stage 12, that's when it got frustrating for me.

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