About the Library

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Welcome to the Hicks Elementary Library!

We are so excited to share the love of reading, literacy, and technology with each and every one of you! Please use this website to explore the library online and to learn more about the benefits and ways to support our students, teachers, and the community!

Library Hours: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Specials: Kindergarten, 1st & 4th

FLEX Checkout available ALL day except from 1 - 2 pm

Library Policies

Students are welcome to visit the media center for checkout at anytime during the school day with teacher permission except from 1 - 2 pm. If you have space on your account we will check it out to you. If you do not have space, you are welcome to borrow a paperback book from our Freebie section.

Students may check out books according to grade level:

  • Kindergarten/1st: 1 book
  • 1st DL/2nd/3rd Grade: 2 books
  • 4th and 5th Grades: 3 books

Materials are due back one week following checkout or may be renewed for an additional week as long as no one has requested the title. Once the grade-level maximum is reached, items must be returned in order to check out more materials.

While there are no fines for overdue books, if a book is lost or damaged it must be paid for. We will use this payment to purchase another copy of the book for students to enjoy. Please pay with exact cash or with a check made out to Tom Hicks Elementary School (THES), and send the payment to school in an envelope marked "Library." The payment is refundable if a lost book is found and returned during the current school year.

Students who owe money to the library for lost or damaged books risk losing the privilege of borrowing more materials and will receive a notice in their report card envelope.

Mrs. Grommesh, Library Media Specialist

It's odd, but it is pronounced tev-YEN grow-mesh. This will be my 2nd year as an Elementary Library Media Specialist. With a Masters degree in Mathematics and Library Science, I have been teaching mathematics in secondary and post-secondary positions for the first 8 years of my career in education. While I love the the sciences, I also am quirkily enthusiastic about the world of literature---discovering new ideas and ways to share them! Hence, my excitement via Coding Club, THTV, and anything related to STEM. Librarians are teachers first and always!

Currently the Library is in Specials rotation for Kindergarten, 1st, and 4th grades, but everyone (parents, younger siblings, grandparents, etc.) is welcome in for a visit whenever there is FLEX time. All should come and learn here--reading, building, creating, coding, film editing, etc. We are more of a Learning Commons --not a book warehouse. So, by all means, come on by and share your ideas!

The best way to contact me is via email: grommesht@lisd.net I check it as much as possible during the day (but there are numerous classes and books to hunt down for students) and definitely at the end of the school day.