Queen Latifah

By. Makenna Kuznacic

Queen Latifah is well known for singing and acting. Some songs she has sung are Bananas, Close Your Eyes, Baby Get Lost and many more. Some movies she's acted in are Hairspray, Last Holiday, Chicago, Ice age and many more.

Three important fact about Queen Latifah.

  • Queen Latifah went to New York with her friends and sang, rapped, and danced in their basements and learned how to sing and rap better.
  • After Queen Latifah practiced she would go to clubs and get gigs.
  • Latifahs mom, Rita, encouraged her to start singing professionally.

Five interesting facts about Lartifah

  • Queen Latifah's Parents got divorced.
  • She changed her name from Dana to Latifah.
  • She had her first record deal when she was 18 years old
  • After her brother died she began to s Ike marijuana and drink a lot.
  • She has never married.
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Life Lesson

The life lesson I've learned was to follow your own path and never give up.
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Title: Queen Latifah

Author: Rachel Koestler