Spain, Sweden and Italy

European Countries


Government type- Sweden is a constitutional monarchy

Leader and tile- Fredrik Reinfeldt is the prime minister

Limited or unlimited- sweden is limited

European Union member- Yes

In sweden the government is having a problem with equality in genders

Many years ago sweden was owned by vikings and they owed most russia

Gustav Vasas leadership help establish the foundatian of sweden

Sweden has 9.5 million people there is .3 percent of arablr land in sweden only 2% of swedens work force make a living with agriculture

Sweden has dirty are so they are trying to clean up the envorment

525.5 billion GDP 55,244.65 per capita

Swedish krona is the currency

Public debt heading to below 40% of GDP- swedens public debt is going down

Ikea is a the biggest brand in sweden right now

Sweden speaks swedish

most are cathlic

Sweden tradtionally eats meat balls and shrimp sandwiches

"Helsingborg is one of the most beautiful places in all of Sweden".

They like american and british music

Sweden is in northern europe

Long days and short nights

1.00 SEK


0.152531 USD


Spain is a constitutional monarchy

Juan Carlos is the prime minister

Spain is a limited government and they are part of the european union

Spains princess is getting married

Mexico receeds from Spain

Gothic Quarter on the seaside

José Javier Gallego (born 1955) thinker, writer, critic of philosophy

47 million people in Spain

11.95% of Spain is arable land

They grow beets, barley, grapes, olives

Spain uses the ocean for fish and other sea foods

1.349 trillion USD and is 29,195 per capita

Spain's currency is the euro 1euro=$1.34

Spain's economy is the 13th largest in the entire world

Blanco is one of the famous clothing brands

Spain's official language is Spanish and they are mostly catholic

The visited and famous landmark in Spain is the Alhambra palace

Tapas and Jamon in the mornings which is like a ham and cheese dish

Pop is the most popular type of music in Spain which is relatively on the west side of Europe

The climate in Spain is relatively warm not many mountains


Italy is a republic

The president of Italy is Giorgio Napolitano

Italy is a limited government

Italy is a European union member

233 people smuggled drugs in Sicily in a boat which the navy is now going after

constitution was establish in 1800s in Sicily kingdoms

Roman Centurion commanded 100s of solders to win a war in Rome

60 million people live in Italy

23.39% is arable and they grow potatoes, vegetables, grapes and sunflowers

Italians have adapted to where they live

2 trillion GDP and 33000 per capita

Italy also use the Euro 1 Euro =$1.34

Target of devoting 3% of GDP was achieved

Ferrari is the biggest brand in ltaly at this moment popular type of music is techno

In Italy they speak Italian and are mostly catholic

Famous land mark would be the leaning tower of pizza located in southern Europe

Italy is normally warm and the northern part of Italy is the Alps mountain