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Melanie Ashworth, Regional Stylist Director for MyShowcase

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Tazeka Aromatherapy: a holistic collection of integrated oils that serve you as a whole person — body, heart, mind, and free spirit.

You’ll feel the effects of these blends right away — and of course, they smell amazing! But their true benefits go much deeper. Holistic aromatherapy creates integrated change. For instance, use Peaceful Slumber regularly, and you just might find your body aligns more readily with rest over time — even if you run out of your blend and have to go a few nights without it.

So what’s going on today? Do you need to balance your unsteady, perk your pout, or ease your ache? No matter what’s going on, Tazeka can help you harmonize, heal, and shine.

No bigger than a lipstick case, Tazeka roll-ons fit right in your purse or pocket and the sleek protective sleeves mean no leaks and no mess.

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Low spirits, lethargy and lack of initiative slowing you down? Get motivated with a dash of lime essential oil—which helps break up stagnant energy on both the physical and psychological levels—and a hint of thyme, so emboldening that Roman soldiers used to bathe in it before heading off to battle.

Motivation inspires the strength of will to tackle your to-do list, but it goes further than that. It helps to stir up the stalled energy that slowed you down in the first place, and dispel listlessness borne of deep-seated fears.

Roll on Motivation, regain your vitality, and get the energy to accomplish your dreams.


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Rosemary and thyme are more than a poetic pair. These potent essential oils are powerful tonics for Yang energy—that dynamic, motivating drive that emboldens your blood and actualizes your potential.

This blend is designed to invigorate your kidneys, stimulate circulation, and raise Chi to your head to boost mental performance. As your mind expands, your heart opens.

This would be our gift to the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz! Roll it on when you need a shot of courage, or use it regularly to dissolve feelings of self-doubt and second-guessing tendencies.

You know what to do and you know how to do it. All you need is a little Confidence.


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Deliver a one-two punch to the physical and emotional effects of your period! All your period symptoms are connected in your body, so we found essential oils that address them all in synergy.

Way back in Ancient Rome, people noticed that cypress reduced bloating, tension, and excessive bleeding. Today, we know that cypress essential oil has astringent and diuretic properties, which explains why it’s been a common menstrual therapy for centuries. Geranium helps balance hormones and underlines the astringent, soothing qualities of cypress.

PMS Rescue’s floral, slightly spicy scent is comforting and encouraging. The blend has an almost magical ability to nourish Yin energy—that creative, receptive, feminine part of you that asks for special attention during your cycle. Feel good in your body—period.


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In many cultures, the mind is symbolized by a sword. Clear, focused thought cuts through the toughest problems and carves paths through the wildest terrains.

We took rosemary and laurel leaf essential oils—prized in Ancient Greece for sparking inspiration, lighting mental fires, and keeping the flames of knowledge burning—and combined them in a blend Apollo himself would be proud of.

Rosemary and laurel leaf improve blood flow, especially to the brain, and kick your Chi into high gear so you can get down to business. This spicy sweet blend stimulates both your rational and higher mind. It unlocks your reserves of mental energy, and your power to direct that energy in a way that produces results.

Remember, your mind is a sword. Keep it sharp and Concentrate.


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We searched the world for the most uplifting essential oils to enliven your spirit and give you a fresh perspective, and the result is Optimism!

Fresh, herbaceous clary sage was a must for this blend! For thousands of years, it’s helped people see more clearly—literally and figuratively, healing eyes as well as outlooks. It’s famous for inspiring feelings of euphoria, especially used over time.

Blending it with orange was obvious—the oils work together to restore depleted Chi and stir up stagnant energy, while the sparkling, warm citrus imparts a sense of serenity and possibility. Turn your blues into yellows, oranges and sunshine golds—with Optimism.


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What if there was a tree that had such strong decongesting powers, people planted forests of it to dry up swamps? And what if that tree was currently undergoing research for being anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-mucus, and pro-powerful-blood-cells?

Hint: It’s eucalyptus! And its essential oil was perfect for our Breathe Easy blend!

We added hints of spike lavender for a soft floral note, and to help reduce inflammation and encourage relaxation. Just as this Tazeka oil opens your chest and improves breathing, it opens your heart to new, fresh perspectives and encourages a positive outlook.

Breathe Easy loves your lungs. It loves clearing away congestion and stagnant energy. Keep it close during a cold, and you’ll soon be loving it back!


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This deeply restorative blend calms your body and soothes your spirit so you can rest better at night, and move with more peace and poise during the day. Citrusy Bergamot is a sedative and tonic essential oil, and its effects are enhanced when combined with sweet, woody sandalwood. Together, they gently balance and relax your body’s systems to support natural healing during sleep.

Sandalwood is especially helpful for calming circuitous thoughts, relaxing your intellect, and easing anxiety, so you won’t wind up with a tired body, but overactive mind.

Keep this blend on your nightstand and in your travel bag, so you can easily drift off to dream even away from home. Good nights mean better days!


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Are headaches putting your life on hold? At times like this, you need the support of the biggest plant powerhouses in aromatics. Headache Helper brings them together in one fresh, floral, resinous blend.

Cornmint essential oil’s trademark cooling effect relieves pain, and works with spike lavender to ease inflammation and reduce muscle spasms. These oils complement each other beautifully, enhancing one another’s therapeutic properties. Precious frankincense oil, with a pain-killing power on par with lavender, grounds this blend and centers your mind.

Headache Helper is perfect for pain that sets in anytime, anywhere. It won’t put you to sleep at work, but won’t keep you awake at night. Relieve the pressure. Feel better.


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Blending ginger essential oil with cornmint, a less well-known essential oil that’s so high in menthol it’s often used to flavour toothpastes, and which supports a steady stomach in its own way.

Plus, this sweet, spicy, minty Tazeka oil stimulates your immune system, so you’ll have an extra layer of protection when in close company with other travelers.

Pack Travel Companion in your carry-on, and whether you’re traveling by land, sea, or air, you’ll leave motion sickness behind.


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Obsessive worrying? Relentless stress? Overwhelmed by it all? Anxiety can take a big toll on your body, mind and spirit. Maybe you can’t get a massage every day, but you can roll on Tension Tonic anytime, anywhere. The deep, floral rose essential oil is ideal for relaxing the nervous system, and priming your heart for emotional release. We layered it with woody, grounding vetiver, to release the intellect’s determined grip on overthinking, and harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

Tension Tonic is perfect for peaks of sudden stress, but it especially shines when used over time, for anxiety that stems from a deep, subconscious source and cuts us off from hope and happiness.

This is our chill pill in a bottle! Roll it on and keep cool, calm, and collected.


Melanie Ashworth, Regional Stylist Director for MyShowcase

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