Cyber Bullying Must Stop!

Why can't we all work together to prevent this?!?!

What is cyber bullying?

Before we start talking about this serious topic, let me tell you about cyber bullying is a way of bullying through the Internet. This can happen through social media, text messages, and cell phones. This can start quickly with a photo, rumor, or group chat. Things can get out control very quickly. For example: a girl in Texas posts an embarrassing picture of another girl by a bus stop just fell down and got laughed at and posted it Facebook. The photo got viral the next day. Someone from Japan, China, Germany, and anywhere across the world can now see this photo. See how cruel people can be? We must find a way to stop cyber bullying (prior knowledge).

How can we stop Cyber Bullying?

Since you know what cyber bullying is, how can we prevent this from happening? Three words: Stop. Block. Tell. Doing this it might scare the bully off. It may be hard to do because you might be scared, but it's just going to get worse. Do you really want to make yourself more miserable? I wouldn't make myself miserable so why should you. I know it's easier said than done but when someone just says a little insult tell right away. Even if it's not even you being tormented still do the three steps. If someone tells you a rumor don't spread it. Stop it. How would you like it if someone spread a rumor about you? I don't think you would like it so why would you do it to somebody else? Just to get someone's attention? If you have to do that to get somebody to become your friend then they are not a friend at all. I hope you can understand some ways to stop cyber bullying (prior knowledge).