Giant Pacific Garbage Patch

By Kyle Zumbach

What is it?

Its is marine debris in the Northern Pacific, It includes pelagic plastic and chemical sludge and other debris. The debris is too small to see from satellites and even boaters and divers usually don't see it.

Where does this occur?

This occurs in the Northern Pacific Ocean at the coordinates roughly between 135 degree West-155 degree West to 35 degree North-42 degree North

When did this start happening?

The most simplest answer to the way it started is Human + Ocean Currents = Trash Vortex

Who is Involved?

ECC ( Environmental Cleanup Coalition) to address the issue of North Pacific pollution. ECC collaborates with other groups to identify methods to safely remove plastic and any other pollutants in the oceans.

Why is this a Issue?

1. Its hurt the environment and it hurts the wild-life and humans

2. its is Toxic

3. Has affects at-least 267 species worldwide and a few of the 267 species reside in the North Pacific ocean.

4.Ton of Trash washes up on the shore

Research of Clean-Up?

In August 2009, two project vessels, the New Horizon and the Kaisei went on the voyage to research the patch and determine the feasibility of commercial scale collection and recycling.

SEAPLEX expedition, a group of researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography!