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April 11th, 2022

Happy Monday, Mexico 59!

Here is the Technology update in an effort to keep lines of communication open.

Demo week was a success! Thanks to all for coming out and checking out the new technology we will be using this fall. I will be sending out a survey for those that were not able to attend to fill out shortly.

A few questions that were asked during the Demo Nights, will a wireless clicker work with Google Slides? Yes! This has been tested and it works. Can we hook a wired keyboard to the panel to use for typing? Yes! This has also been tested and works. Does the wireless tablet pen have batteries? No batteries are needed for the pen, the tablet itself is rechargeable with a micro USB cable. We were asked about a pen holder and strap for your hand on the wireless tablet, we have some options on order to test this out.

We have been asked about playing DVDs with the new technology coming and we have an answer for that now. New laptops and computers are doing away with the DVD players so our solution will be to purchase a few DVD players to be checked out through the library on an as-needed basis.

We are continuing to work on the installation schedules of the panels. There are a lot of moving parts that go into this project. We are working closely with Central Office, Maintenance, and our vendor that will be installing them.

Don't forget to check out the Promethean website for all the training opportunities they have for us, for FREE.


Please be aware, that with everything happening this summer with just three of us, we need time to get everything done. In order for that to happen, we will be pulling desktops from buildings and classrooms not being used for summer school the day after school gets out. We will be starting at MELC, DHCC, and MHS classrooms during summer school. Your files will need to be uploaded to Google Drive or backed up before school is out so we can start pulling computers, smartboards, and projectors. Sarah Keithley has created three short step-by-step tutorials on how to move materials over to your Google Drive, click here to view the tutorials. If you want written directions on how to upload files to Google Drive please click here to learn how to upload documents to Google Drive.

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Technology Tips

    1. Did you know that a whole new menu appears when you type the @ symbol in Google Docs? It gives you shortcuts to insert all kinds of things like tagging people, adding links to files, inserting media and bullets, and much more! Check out the Video
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